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Trident Technology Solutions provides a "Virtual IT department" for many of our customers. A skilled engineer is scheduled for a predetermined number of hours and will be a member of your organization while onsite. During this time, the Trident employee's job is to provide proactive and reactive IT support as defined by the customer in the initial "kickoff" meeting.

Proactive Maintenance

Much like your car, computers require constant maintenance to ensure maximum uptime and proper functionality. Some examples of routine computer maintenance include:

  • Hard defragmentation and cleaning
  • Dust and debris removal
  • Security patch and service pack management
  • Virus and spyware scanning
Please contact your Trident salesperson for more information.
Overheating is most commonly caused by lack of proactive maintenance in a computer. Dust buildup in and around the computer is the most common culprit.

FUN FACT: The term "computer bug" actually came from a real bug. In 1947, Grace Murray Hopper was working on primative computer at Harvard University when it started to experience problems. Looking at the machine, a moth was caught in one of the relays. Thus, "debugging" was born.
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