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Email is one of the most important tools available to business today. Instead of spending money on toll calls or waiting for classical postal letters, email offers an almost instantaneous way for information to be passed. Incorporate that with today's smart devices, like cell phones and pocket PC's, people are more connected than ever before.


What is SPAM? SPAM (commonly called Junk Mail), by definition, is any email that is sent in bulk and unsolicited by the receiver. Yale did a study and in June 2009, 93% of all emails in the US were SPAM messages for that month, totaling more than 78 million pieces of email. Not only are these messages clogging up email systems, but many are acting as conduits for viruses and spyware. Trident has partnered with MXLogic, one of the top companies in the world at combating this threat. In many cases, 100% of all SPAM is stopped before getting to the customer.

Email Continuity

In addition to the anti-spam capabilities, MXLogic also offers 60-day revolving email as well as long term email archiving in their secure datacenters for business continuity and disaster recovery. Contact your Trident sales person for more information on protection your business.
A leading Anti-virus solution last year calculated that it took 33 billion kilowatts of electricity to send out all the SPAM in 2008. This is enough electricity to power 2.4 million American homes.

FUN FACT: The term SPAM is typically credited to a skit performed by Monty Python's Flying Circus. In the sketch, a couple goes to a restaurant and is handed a menu with the word SPAM being repeated over 200 times. This is credited as being the founding of the term SPAM.
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