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Data loss is a concern affecting all businesses today, whether it is an accidental deletion of data, power loss, data corruption or flood damage. The loss could be untold amounts of time and money to reconstruct the lost data, loss of productivity and intellectual property.

Is One Backup Enough?

Trident Technology Solutions is very concerned about your data and spends a great deal of our time ensuring that a multi-level backup system is in place to reduce recovery time and effort. In this way, a loss of a single tape (due to damage, over-use, etc.) or disk is not catastrophic. Also, multi-layer backup systems allow for quick recovery of single files as well as protection in case of natural disaster or total loss of structure.

Disaster Planning

What would you do in the case of a fire or a flood? How would you recover? Let Trident's team help assist in putting together a business continuity plan to minimize disruption and maximize your business's longevity.
It is estimated that $12 billion dollars is the cost of bad backups to companies in the United States and that 70% of small businesses who experience a large data loss will go out of business because of it.

FUN FACT: The very first computer backup were developed in 1951 with the UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer) built by Mauchly and Eckert. This computer used vacuum tubes for processing and rotating magnetic drums for data storage. How was it programmed and backed up? With punch cards!
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