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Trident has solutions for interactive web conferencing, audio conferencing and webinars that integrate with your ShoreTel VoIP system, allowing live multimedia presentations and customer interaction. These tools are a great way to effectively market your business and access your target market.

Webinar vs. Web Conference

A webinar is typically a one-way web conference, in which a speaker will relay information to a target audience, such as a presentation on a product or service. Questions can sometimes be asked, but it is more of a lecture than a free-flow of ideas. A web conference is more of a sharing of ideas back and forth.

Why Conference?

In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to instantly exchange ideas with varied groups of people at multiple locations is a necessity. The savings on time, travel costs and additional productivity is immeasurable. Contact your Trident sales representative for a customized solution.


Web conferences and webinars are allowing businesses to perform many of the same functions as face-to-face meetings without many of the costs associated (travel, lodging, meals, etc.). Also, the increase in productivity is a great boon to many companies.

FUN FACT: In 1998, Eric R. Korb registered a trademark for the term "webinar", however, fighting over this is still going on today. Currently, the term is assigned to the company InterCall, a conferencing service provider.
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