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Trident Technology Solutions, a BICSI certified partner, has experience working on jobs ranging from a two drop CAT3 Install to over 20,000 CAT6 and CAT6a cables for a Fortune 100 company and everything in between. From medical to financial, education to construction, manufacturing to property management, Trident can handle all your needs.


Twisted Pair cable comes in a variety of types and is used in a variety of uses. Used for over 100 years, it has been an integral part of the telecommunications industry since the 1880's. In today's networks, there are five major types, each having different standards for twists, cable thickness, data transmission rates and cable lengths. These types are as follows:
CAT5/5e CAT6a

Advantages and Disadvantages

Twisted Pair cable has many advantages. It is a small, flexible cable that is easily run between walls. Since it is a relatively thin cable, it does not fill up conduits quickly. Also, twisted pair cable is cheaper per foot than any other type of cable. The biggest disadvantage of twisted pair cable is its susceptibility to electromagnetic interference (EMI). While the twists in the cable can reduce EMI, there are twisted pair cables that have a variety of shielding methods incorporated into them that reduce the EMI greatly (though at a higher cost). Also, with the need to protect against EMI, it is very important that the installation instructions are followed closely and the install is done by a trained professional.
Twisted Pair cable gets its name from the variety of twists for both the individual pairs and the twists of all the cables involved. These twists allow the reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as crosstalk that can cause data loss and corruption.

While wireless has become an integral part of many networks, so far no wireless can match the speed, reliabilty and simplicity to the average end-user. Copper's ease and lower cost than fiber optics means that we will see copper cables around in businesses for a long time to come.

FUN FACT: The 8 Position 8 Contact connector used to terminate UTP cable is often mistakenly called a RJ45 connector, while the correct term is a "Josef", brought over orignally from Germany.
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