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Trident Technology Solutions is a BICSI certified fiber installer. Our experience ranges from single-mode to multi-mode, direct burial to aerial fiber, short-haul to long-haul. Let Trident help design and install your fiber optic network.

Advantages of Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cable has many advantages over traditional copper cable. These advantages are:
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Resistance
  • Bandwidth
  • Maintenance

Types of Fiber Optics Cable

Fiber optic cable comes in two main types, single-mode and multi-mode. Single-mode fiber has a higher transmission rate and can go up to 50 times the distance of multi-mode fiber. It is called single-mode because it uses a single light through a single path through the fiber.

Multi-mode fiber is typically used for high bandwidth applications over medium length distances. It is called multi-mode because it uses multiple light paths through the same fiber optic path.
Fiber Optic cable is made up of a tiny glass or plastic filaments wrapped in a protective cover. Pulses of light are sent down the filaments via either LED or laser to a receiving device where it is converted to an electrical signal. Due to the fact that the transmission is sent using light, it is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference that can cause problems with wireless or copper based cabling systems.

FUN FACT: The first Transatlantic fiber optic cables that were laid were actually ruined by sharks at a repair cost of $250,000 per bite! This damage pales in comparison of the damage caused by a 2 foot cookie cutter shark who did over $10 million in damages to US nuclear submarine sonars.
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