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At Trident Technology Solutions, we have the experience and expertise needed to design and implement a custom communications network for your business. Whether it is a traditional key telephone system to a state-of-the-art Voice over IP network, one call truly does it all. From one to 10,000 phones, Trident has your solution.

Key Systems vs. PBX

What is the difference between the two? A Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, by definition is a large phone system that serves a particular branch or office. This system can incorporate many features, such as extension dialing, hunt groups and call forwarding. With the need in today's business world, traditional PBX's are being replaced by more advanced iPBX (Voice over IP) systems. Key Systems are single-site, multiline phone systems that maintain their place in the market by servicing small office environments.

Key System Maintenance

Trident 's experienced staff of technicians can assist you in troubleshooting, upgrading your current key system, or provide you a new one. Contact your Trident sales representative for a quote today.
A Key System is a multiline phone system that is used in small and medium size businesses.

FUN FACT: In July 1960, Bell Labs published "Human Factor Engineering Studies
of the Design and Use of Pushbutton Telephone Sets" in order to figure out
which design would be easiest for people using a touch-tone phone. That is where our current telephone keypad comes from today.
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