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Unsure if you are paying too much? Confused with multiple phone / internet bills or are you getting bombarded by telecom offers? Well, let Trident help. Our experienced staff will assist you solve these dilemmas with a free bill analysis. Trident, through its nationwide partnerships, has the ability to provide your company coast-to-coast local, long distance, internet and data services. If you have multiple locations across the country, we can streamline your options and provide you the most robust, cost effective solution for you WAN (Wide Area Network).

In most cases, Trident can increase your bandwidth and reduce your monthly costs.To get started contact your sales representative at Trident - they will ask for your summary page for your local, long distance, internet and data carriers and they will begin the process.


With the incorporation of digital circuits and Voice over IP, the lines between tradtitional local and long distance calling has become blurred and will continue to do so in the near future.

FUN FACT: The first long distance telephone circuit was created by AT&T in 1892. The circuit connected Chicago and New York. In order to use it, an appointment had to be made to use the special telephone booth (called a "silent cabinet").
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