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A Network Assessment allows for the following:

  • A baseline for future changes, upgrades and initiatives
  • An objective view of your network's performance, reliability and effeciency
  • A comparison of your network to existing standards and against your business's needs
By performing these steps, you can ensure a network that will meet your needs as well as help you navigate around any pitfalls in the future.

What is Tested?

With any testing, it is important to get the overall health and performance of your network. Trident will test a variety of hardware and software systems, such as network equipment (routers, switches, etc.), software systems, Voice over IP, Voice Mail, File Transfers and programs unique to your business. With this information, we can help you to avoid the constant outages and "fire-fighting" mode that can really hurt your business.


A computer network is any connected group of computers and peripherials that share resources.

FUN FACT: The first packet-switching computer network, called ARPANET, was deployed in 1969 and connected 4 different universities: UCLA, Stanford, University of California, Santa Barbara and University of Utah.
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