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All communications equipment in your business, i.e. computers, printers, networking equipment, telephone system, etc. all have one need: Safe and reliable source of power. How many times have you been frustrated by a power flicker at the wrong time, erasing hours worth of work?

UPS Systems

Trident has a full line of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems available. These systems are designed to protect your equipment in the event of loss of power or "brown out", preventing data loss as well as protecting your equipment. Also, Trident offers battery changing and recycling for your old batteries to keep these systems online and working at peak efficiency.

Lightning Protection

Lightning is a danger many do not think about but is just as damaging as a fire or hurricane. Lightning strikes over 3 billion times each year in the world. How safe is your business from this danger? Let Trident help reduce this risk and protect your valuable communications equipment.
The are about 100 lightning strikes per second in the world, resulting in over 3.6 trillion per year...how protected are you?

FUN FACT: It has been estimated that the greatest cause of data loss is by a hardware malfunction caused by either too much power (over-voltage) or not enough power (brown-out). It has been estimated that 44% of all hardware failures are caused by power fluctuations.
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