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In today's busy work environment, call recording is becoming a necessity. Having the ability to instantly access past calls electronically can save countless hours of work and prevent embarrassing and potentially costly mistakes.

Benefits of Call Recording

Call recording can be a very valuable tool for any organization. Just a few of the benfits include:

  • Training by example
  • Litigation protection
  • Call center monitoring
  • Evaluating employees and team members
  • No more "Where are my notes from that call"

Unified Communications

With today's systems, having the ability to email the wave file of a call to someone can be a useful and effective tool. Speak with your Trident sales representative on integrating a customized call recording solution for your business.
The FCC today has no laws governing the recording of calls by individuals, though your local and state governments may.

FUN FACT: The first device to record and playback sound was created in 1857 by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville. This device, called a phonautograph, would use a pen to transfer the sounds to a waveform on a page. While it could record sounds, it was unable to reproduce them effectively without first transcribing the forms to a metal disk.
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