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At Trident Technology Solutions, we pride ourselves in quick response and problem resolution. Since 2005, Trident has provided 24 x 7 remote support. Over 90% of service issues can be addressed remotely through a safe and secure web portal that allows a technician, with customer permission, to take control of the computer and resolve the issue.

Benefits of Remote Support

As soon as a service ticket is opened in our system, a tech is notified and will begin to troubleshoot the issue. In many cases, the problem can be resolved quicker than it would take the technician to arrive at your business, resulting in a more cost effective solution.

Remote support packages at Trident come in many different types, from pay by the call to unlimited. Contact your Trident sales representative to customize a safe and effective solution for your business.

Remote support is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Information Technology industry.

FUN FACT: Nikola Tesla, the mad genius behind AC power, was responsible for one of the first remote controls in histrory. His remote control, called his "teleautomaton", allowed him to remotely control a boat during an exhibition at Madison Square Garden.
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